One of my favorite things about the beet is that you can eat ALL of it. The root bulb AND the greens. Beets can be roasted, boiled, grilled, pickled and shaved. They can go in risotto or in salads or in veggie burgers or as a crunchy addition for your falafel. Beets are way more diverse than just using them to make Borsht. The greens can be sautéed with onions or garlic or blended into your morning smoothie (my favorite way to eat the greens).

  • High in magnesium (helps prevent high blood pressure)

  • High in phosphorus (with calcium helps build healthy bones and teeth)

  • High in Iron (helps transport oxygen through the body, maintains healthy cells)

  • High in Vitamin A (helps keep strong eyes / vision, helps function of heart, lungs, kidneys)

  • High in Vitamin C (acts as an antioxidant, helps make collagen - a protein that helps heal wounds)

  • High in beta-carotene (acts as an antioxidant, and sources more Vitamin A)

  • Contain betaine (same substance used in certain treatments of cancer)

  • Contain trytophan (relaxing the mind and creating a sense of positive well-being)