Grain Bowls

Nature itself is the best physician.

- Hippocrates

Blueberry Quinoa Bowl

Ready for an immune system boost? This bowl is full of good things for you - protein packed quinoa, antioxidant full blueberries, crunchy almonds and carrots, super greens, and more! Its delicious in a bowl or wrapped up into a whole wheat tortilla! One bite and you’ll already feel like your immune system is in super power mode!

Looking for something warm and delicious, but super nutritious? This grain bowl has it all: couscous, kale, chickpeas, cauliflower, potatoes, and more! Its really quick to put together and great for work day lunches!

This bowl is great boost your immune system during the winter! Loaded with kale, beets, mixed nuts, quinoa and a super tasty lemon hummus cilantro sauce - it's super quick to throw together if you make the quinoa ahead of time and use pre-cooked beets.

This warm and filling bowl has a ton of good for you ingredients - kale, chickpeas, quinoa, carrots, turmeric and more. It's really easy and quick to put together - perfect for a weeknight dinner!

I love this roasted vegetable bowl because you can create a bunch of different versions. Just swap out some of the vegetables for other ones and top over quinoa instead of rice. This bowl is a great reboot if you've been struggling with eating healthy. Not only is it delicious it also makes you feel amazing!

This bowl is just as good hot as it is cold, which makes it PERFECT for leftovers! Its great as a full meal or a side dish and perfect for pot luck dinners! Its simple and easy to make with lots of vitamins and protein!