Hi, I'm Amy and Welcome to Vegan for Mortals. I've dabbled in vegetarianism for a long time, never really committing one way or another. But after a Christmas in 2013 where I overindulged too much I decided I need a change. What should have been a fun and happy holiday, I felt sick to my stomach, sluggish, and gross. I decided that come January I was going to go vegan for a week to reboot. During that week I started reading up on all the health benefits of eating a whole food, plant based diet and the information was overwhelming. Plant based diets reduce the risk of cancer, hypertension, heart attacks, diabetes, and fatigue. Why were we never told this growing up?

I felt so good after that first week of eating vegan that I decided to try another week, and then another, and suddenly it was a month later and I had decided this was going to be my new lifestyle.

Starting down this path I wanted to make new recipes that would show people how EASY it really is to go vegan and how delicious it can be as well.

My first Walt Disney World Marathon in 2016.

My first Walt Disney World Marathon in 2016.

I also decided to race a triathlon and I needed to figure out how to fuel for an event without burning out halfway through it. I had run two half marathons that destroyed me (so who knows what possessed me to try an Olympic distance triathlon), and I knew I had to eat better to be able to swim, bike, and run for a long time.

And it worked. I felt amazing, the event was a blast and it fueled me to then go for more events. Since then I've run two marathons and spent 10 days cycling across Scotland. I've learned to snack better, to fuel better, and to recover better. And it's all thanks to plants.