Soups & Stews

"Worries go down better with soup."

- Yiddish Proverb

This Beefless Beer Stew is an awesome alternative to the typical beef stew. Adding in meaty portobello mushrooms and dark beer really brings out a rich flavor and will fill you up on those chilly spring evenings!

This Cabbage Roll Soup is another super quick and easy soup to put together when those chilly fall nights start to roll in. It’s full of nutritious ingredients and is incredibly satisfying!

Looking for a warm and comforting soup on a cold and rainy evening? I LOVE this soup, its creamy and chunky, savory, and incredibly delicious!

This soup is full of delicious veggies, sour lime juice, creamy coconut milk, crunchy bean sprouts and you can make it as spicy as you like it with thai chiles! It has a lot of ingredients, but its actually super easy to put together!

You don’t need to buy cans of cream of mushroom soup any more! Make this super simple version and you’ll be creating all kinds of new recipes with this as its base!

Here's a super simple soup to make on a chilly weeknight. Creamy and chunky, warm and comforting, make it one night and eat it all week!

Simple soups may be one of my most favorite things and this soup can't get any easier. Carrots, onions, ginger, curry powder and vegetable broth. Easy peasy with a touch of cashew cream. Dinner will be ready in under 30 minutes!

I don’t think I’ve made a soup that’s easier than this one. A little chopping, a little simmering, a little blending, and you’ve got an incredibly delicious soup!

So you want corned beef and cabbage, but without the beef and quicker than six to eight hours in your crock pot? MAKE THIS SOUP! It tastes exactly like corned beef & cabbage, but without the beef and only takes about 45 minutes to make!

Japanese Noodle Bowl

I love this soup - its perfect for a chilly winter night and is super quick and simple to put together. You can have it as spicy or salty as you’d like with additional Sriracha and Soy Sauce!

There are only a handful of ingredients in this soup, but it only takes a few to make this soup incredibly delicious! Instead of making your own cauliflower rice, but it pre-riced! Cece's Veggie Co. makes a great version you can find in most supermarkets!

Want a lasagne, but don't have an hour to make it? Make this soup! It tastes just like lasagne, but in the deliciousness of being a soup!

This soup is so easy to make and incredibly delicious. Its incredibly filling and super healthy as well! This is a very basic version of the soup, but feel free to add in any other additions you may like: diced tomatoes, potatoes, swiss chard, kale, zucchini, pasta - the additions are endless!

This soup is so easy to make and incredibly delicious. Its perfect for those cold winter nights and comforting for those Saturdays when you just don't want to leave your house.

Happy New Year everyone! There are some who say that eating beans on New Year's Day will bring good luck for the year ahead. So here is a super simple and quick bean soup you can whip up in under 30 minutes and enjoy the good fortune it may bring.

This potato chowder is so incredibly delicious it won't last long after making! It's thick and creamy, a little spicy, and a whole lot of amazing.

I'm amazed at how simple and how good this soup is. It's only seasoned with a little salt and pepper, but has an amazingly pure flavor to it. It takes about 50 minutes to make, and only five of those minutes are just for you to prep!

This soup has all the delicious ingredients of a samosa, and the warm and comforting aromas of a savory soup. It looks a little complex, but its super quick and easy to put together!

I find that the simpler something is, the more I like it, and it can’t get any simpler with this soup. Incredibly easy and incredibly tasty!

In the need of some serious comfort food? Make this super simple split pea soup - it takes about an hour to get those split peas soft and chewy, but only about 5 minutes to put it together. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing aromas as this soup comes together.

This soup is loaded with fresh herbs and veggies - its light, yet filling and perfect for a spring dinner!

This soup is so much better than the canned version and crazy easy to make! There's a little chopping involved, a little blending, and that's basically it! Tomato & Basil soup in about 30 minutes!

Pho is SO EASY to make! There are three key spices to really get that familiar and comforting flavor of pho and the rest is super simple to put together. Make this recipe and you’ll have a steaming bowl of goodness in no time.

As a kid the meat version of this soup was always my favorite and my grandma always made it the best. I’ve converted this to being all vegan and it still is one of my absolute favorite soups! Fresh, filling, and so yummy!

Need a little pick me up from a cold winter? This winter greens soup is a great antioxidant boost to your day. It takes about 45 minutes to make, but most of that time is just letting the vegetables cook!

This soup is so easy to make and incredibly delicious. Its perfect for those cold winter nights and comforting for those Saturdays when you just don't want to leave your house.